Here are some links that we think you should check out. They have lots of valuable information. More links will be added as we find neat sites to check out.

free Training - lots of free tips for improving your PC skills

Search Engines

General Purpose WWW search engines

  • Yahoo - One of the best search engines for pages that want to be found
  • Alta Vista - One of the most comprehensive WWW search engines on the Web
  • Excite - Another fine search engine like Alta Vista

USENET Newsgroups search engines

  • Deja News - a good way to find USENET articles

E-Mail search engines

  • Four 11 - a search engine that looks for e-mail addresses
  • Bigfoot - another search engine that looks for e-mail addresses
  • Internet Address finder - another search engine that looks for e-mail addresses

Telephone number search engines

Software Information

Corel Corporation - Here's the site from the people who bring you Corel Draw and Corel Office Suite.

Microsoft home site - I'll bet you'll never guess what you'll find here...

MSN Home Page - Here's another site from the folks at Microsoft. You can create your own custom start page.

Symantec - They bring you things like Norton Antivirus, Navigator and Utilities.

Assorted Information and Sites

AARP - American Association of Retired Persons. This site has lots of information about AARP and related topics.

CNET - A good place to fond information about computer related topics with up-to-date news.

CNNfn - A Place to check out all the new financial news, and to find out exactly how much money Bill Gates has this week.

University of South Florida  

News and Weather

CNN - Comprehensive on-line information and news all the time. They also have a section for weather that is pretty hard to beat.

St. Petersburg Times - Good site with lots of information, and a classifieds section on-line.

Tampa Tribune - They have news, and they have weather, do you see a trend here?

The Weather Channel - The all weather, all the time channel that you can find on cable. The site doesn't seem to respond sometimes.

WFLA Channel 8 - They have one of the more graphics intensive sites out of the TV stations. Lots of information and feedback here though.  

Government sites

Genealogy web Sites:
Some search sites for genealogy are:

Web Page Sites:

For any members interested in having their own web pages check out the following sites:

Special Links:

A good site for ordering books 

Ask Earl yard and house

Home time

Farmers Almanac

USA Today

Computer Pages Hotmail


Pegasus Mail


The Weather Channel

Entomological homepage

1- Good for downloads and bug fixes ,what's new etc, very informative site .....

2 - Freeware

4 - Tip Zone , look up tips on software bugs , games , hardware ,Internet

5 - For those from the Bronx

6 - Help guides and Tutorials

7 -

8 - Top Ten Bug Fixes , Trouble Shooting Guide .

9 - Disaster Recovery & Preventive Maintenance .

10 - 

11 - 

12 - All Around Windows tips etc .

13 - Guide to Finding Drivers on the Internet .

15 - Check Out Computer

16 - Download Guide

17 - File Split Shareware $10 ( 5megs files or less can use for free )

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