Dear Hernando Computer Club,

Alfred Morton and I wish to thank the Hernando Computer Club for the friendly welcome to their class on Building  Your Own Computer.

We were both very impressed with all that is going on in the class and the professional guidance the students receive from their team leaders.   We thank the Club for the many ideas we came away with  from the evening. 

We are especially thankful for all the information provided by Vic Symonds as to the history of the class and the various requirements each student must accomplish before advancing to the next  level.  The system appears to meet the needs of each student, both in educating them and having them build a computer that will meet their needs.

The presentation on Power Supplies, by Wolfgang Steinbeger, was also very informative.   I have already gone to all the web sites he mentioned in his talk.

I hope that CRUG can do a similar class, but I know it will not be to  the scale we saw at your Club. Your Club is commended for  such a fine group of dedicated instructors and students. 

Sincerely,  Dean Christianson,  President of CRUG


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