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Note: Hands-On classes listed in blue text
Green text are classes suggested for beginners

No Admission / Open to the Public
Social Hour 6-7pm / Meeting Begins 7pm

* EXPO 2017 ~ JANUARY 23 @ 5PM *
No Admission / Open to the Public

Dec 12 – Monday

1pm: The Food Workshop Just Drop-In  
The where, what, when and how of food. We'll Introduce & view various food websites and use them for development of your personal food or recipes files. Develop proper food file order (indexing, classifying, etc,) Coupon selection contributions & distributions so all members can use and become interested in building a once-a-month workshop. Coupons could also include restaurants, sport bars, etc. Lots of workshop discussion involving foods, prices, cooking. Our Goals: Development of a HCC recipe cookbook by members participating with the recipes, editing, placing graphics and indexing for this type of book. Building the book over a long period of time.
Facilitator: Kearney Sheirich

1pm: Genealogy Workshop
In the Genealogy Workshop, we usually start with everyone telling of their current genealogy research.  We all contribute suggestions  that could be used to further our research in a particular area; then one subject is covered that day with web sites that cover that particular subject shown on the computer.  Again it is an open class with everybody contributing & hopefully learning something new. Just drop in if you have an interest.
Facilitator: Bunny Ryczek

5pm: CHRISTMAS PARTY - Tickets were purchased in advance

Dec 13 – Tuesday


Dec 14 – Wednesday

7pm: Get The Cobwebs Out Of Your Computer

Feeling helpless when your computer is sluggish?  Do you feel even worse when you learn that you must have someone else come in and fix it for you…often at considerable cost?  There's good news!  You can fix most of these problems yourself.  Learn how in this class.  We call it “getting the cob webs out”.  You'll learn there's software available, most of which is free, to clear out those cob webs.  You'll learn that after the first time, applying this software, most issues with poor performance, improve significantly. Do it yourself, with confidence. It's easier than you may think. 

You only need to learn 4 things in this class:
1. Understand what's happening in your PC and why.
2. Where to find free or inexpensive software online to address it.
3. How to apply the software - successfully and safely.
4. How to maintain your computer to keep it running at top performance.   

Instructor: Dave Fetter .

Dec 15 – Thursday

10am: Hands-On: Basic Windows 10
(3of4) Instructor: Gray Alexander
Registration Req. Club Ph. 684-7171

10am: Google Photos Drop In
Google Photos has been around for some time now and has become extremely popular among those who rely on taking pictures with their mobile devices. Google Photos is used in collaboration with Google Drive, the online file storage service. Some basic photo editing tools are available to improve your pictures. Web albums and collages can also be created. There is no program to download for your computer outside of the app for Google Drive. There IS an app for Google Photos available from your mobile device (phone or tablet) app store however. A Gmail email account is required to use Google Drive and Google Photos.
Instructor: Joann Frucchione

Dec 16 – Friday  

10 am: Help for our Members Just Drop In
First come, first served.
No PC Problems 10 am until noon
Need help using Windows, email, etc. Also help using iPad and other tablets
(No Computer problems. Saturday morning techie help requires appointment.)

Dec 19 – Monday

10am: Finance Workshop Drop In CANCELLED
This workshop meets once a month to discuss topics in finance of interest to attendees.  Possible topics: Taxes, Credit, Investing, Gambling, Real Estate, Budgets, Stocks & Bonds, Options, Annuities, insurance, debt management, spread sheets and other topics of interest.
Facilitator: Jack Houseworth

10am: Introduction To Facebook Drop In
The Facebook Class will cover everything from signing up for a Facebook account and logging in, how to post memes, messages, and pictures. It will also cover advanced settings and how to recognize scams on Facebook. Please bring a laptop if you have one. Tablets & Smart phones do not have all the features that are covered in the class.
Instructor: Sal Rotella Jr.

Dec 20 – Tuesday

1pm: MS Photo Gallery HnH, Just Drop-In
Most Windows 7 & 8.1 computers came with this FREE photo improvement program already installed by the manufacturer as part of the Windows Essentials 2012 package. If you have a Windows 10 computer, you can still get it. It's the easiest way to fix photos, tag photos and search for photos or people in your photos. If you don't have it, we will show you where to get it – it's absolutely FREE!
Instructor: Ron Dakin

Dec 21 – Wednesday - NO CLASSES

Dec 22 – Thursday

10am: Hands-On: Basic Windows 10
(4of4) Instructor: Gray Alexander
Registration Req. Club Ph. 684-7171




Classes will resume January 2, 2017






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