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Welcome Open House Guests!

(NOTE) Blue text denotes our Hands-On Classes 

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HnH Classes, You watch, listen and learn the first hour, then you do it on your own device durring the second hour.

What's Coming Up This Week At Our Club:

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

9:30 am: Garden Committee Meeting, Meets at the garden at 9:30am

10 am: Get Started with your computer, Learn the Parts of the Computer, Just Drop-In
If you recently received a PC, perhaps as a gift, and are intimidated by it or were told, “Now we can e-mail each other”, but don’t know where to start, this class might be for you. This class is designed for the person who has never used a computer before. Instructor: Norma Winner

7 pm: Linux Workshop, Just Drop-In

The Linux workshop is a working session for users to bring their questions and experiences to the group. Attendees are encouraged to bring their computers with them for use in the workshop. We are working with different subjects each week and expect to cover areas such as installation and
administration, file systems, setting up servers (print, file, web, etc), using WINE and virtual machines, and other topics that the group is interested in. Just drop in if you have an interest. Facilitator: Bob Liebl

7 pm: Photography Workshop Just Drop-In

This discussion group covers camera operation, picture taking techniques, photo improvements, e-mailing photos, and anything else related to photography. Share some of your photos with other members. Drop in if you have an interest. Facilitator: Fred Wise

Thursday, March 5, 2015

10 am: Intro To Ipad, HnH - What are those buttons and the Home Screen, Just Drop-In
Learn what the buttons around the perimeter of your iPad are. Next, we’ll look at how your Home Screen is set up and how you can customize it. Find out what apps came with your iPad. Instructor Joann Frucchione

10 am: Basic Photoshop Elements (1 of 4) Instructor: Mich Morin Hands-On, Just Drop-In $5 per session No Pre-registration Required

1 pm: What's New in Windows 8.1, The Start Screen, Just Drop-In

In this four week series, we will take a look at changes that have taken place in the Windows operating system with the latest upgrade to Windows 8. This is not a class for the beginning computer user. If you came to this lecture series before you may want to revisit to get the latest changes. Intro to the Start screen, and it’s latest revisions. Instructor: Joann Frucchione.

1 pm: Advanced Photoshop Elements (1 of 4) Instructor: Mich Morin Hands-On, Just Drop-In 5 per session No Pre-Registration Required

Friday, March 6, 2015

10 am: Using the Android tablet, The Photo Gallery, Music & Connecting to a PC, HnH Just Drop-In

Do you have an Android (Google) tablet? Join for this Half and Half class, get to know the capabilities of your tablet and be pleasantly surprised what it all can do for you. The Gallery for your photos, playing music, and connecting to your PC wired, and wirelessly. You can transfer photos, videos between your tablet and your PC. Instructor: Ron Purkhiser

10 am: WPS OFFICE SUITE Just drop in.

A free office suite with word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software programs, WPS has been around for many years – was formerly known as Kingsoft. With the advent of mobile devices, this office suite, originally developed for use with Windows computers (based on MS Office
2007), is now available as an app for your favorite mobile device as well - iOS for iPhone or iPad, and a version for Android . We will be looking at the Windows and mobile version in this lecture. Download WPS Office from Make sure you download the free version. Mobile versions are available from your mobile device’s app store. The pro version is available for $70 with a license to use it on up to three computers. Instructor: Joann Frucchione

1 pm: Introduction to Computer with Windows 8.1, Enjoying Music & Maintenance you need to do. (HnH) Just Drop-In
This will be for the very beginners, learn to use your computer with the new Windows 8.
Today we look at "All about music CD's" and some maintenance to keep your computer running at it best. Instructor: Ron Purkhiser

1 pm: iPad, (1 of 4) Instructor: Brigitte Haag Hands-On, Registration Required, Call club 684-7171

Monday, March 9, 2015

10 am: Genealogy Workshop, Just Drop-In

In the Genealogy Workshop, we usually start with everyone telling of their current genealogy research. We all contribute suggestions that could be used to further our research in a particular area; then one subject is covered that day with web sites that cover that particular subject shown on
the computer. Again it is an open class with everybody contributing & hopefully learning something new. Just drop in if you have an interest. Facilitator: Ron Conkle

10am: Facebook (2 of 2) Instructor: Charlene Scime, Hands-on, Registration Required Call club 684-7171

10 am: Memcom Meeting All are welcome, no charge - Help us plan our April picnic!

1 pm: The Food Workshop Just Drop-In

The where, what, when and how of food. We’ll Introduce & view various food websites and use these websites for development of your personal food or recipes files. Develop proper food file order (indexing, classifying, etc,) Coupon selection contributions & distributions so all members can use and become interested in building a once- a - month workshop. Coupons could also include restaurants, sport bars, etc. Lots of workshop discussion involving foods, prices, cooking. Our Goals: Development of a HCC recipe cookbook by members participating with the recipes, editing, placing graphics and indexing for this type of book. Building the book over a long period of time. Maybe a series of books of different food recipes, or maybe a yearly edition or bi-yearly edition. Facilitator: Kearney Sheirich

1 pm: Craft Workshop Just Drop-In

Learn all about Tole Painting. Instructor: Charleen Scime





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